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    Subject: Auto Accidents

    N.C. Supreme Court Rules Negligent Drivers May Not “Credit” Victim’s Uninsured Motorist Benefits Against Personal Injury Award

    An early-morning wreck involved a garbage truck and an international student at Butler County College. Which individual, or what entity, is on the hook? According to police 25-year-old Henry Too Cheseto was apparently on his way home from classes when he drifted across the center line on West Harry near Andover Road. He hit a Read More

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    Teen Drivers and Auto Accidents in Wichita

    If you have a teenage child who is driving then you need to know about motor vehicle accident risks and teen drivers. Teenagers may be more at risk than older drivers to cause a serious crash or to sustain severe or fatal injuries in a car accident. According to a fact sheet from the U.S. Centers Read More

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    How Do I Recover Compensation After a Kansas Car Accident with an Uninsured Driver?

    If you are a driver in the state of Kansas, you are required to carry automobile insurance. This insurance not only protects you if you are involved in a crash but also can be used to pay for damages to others for accidents that you cause when your accident falls outside of the no-fault system. Read More

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    How to Avoid a Kansas Car Accident This Summer

    Driving in the summertime may be more dangerous than during other parts of the year, especially for teens and those on the road around them. To be sure, the days following Memorial Day have been coined “The 100 deadliest days,” as the number of car accidents involving teens skyrockets during the summer months. But teens Read More

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    What Are My Rights Regarding Medical Records?

    Evidence provides the foundation for every legal claim, and you cannot be successful without it. That concept may sound obvious, but it is also critically important you remember it and internalize it. Recovering fair compensation requires proving the full extent of your injuries with verifiable medical evidence. If you have any questions about medical evidence, Read More

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    Who’s Liable for a Rideshare Car Accident?

    According to a May 2016 poll conducted by the Pew Research Center, about 15 percent of American adults have used ride-hailing apps (like Uber or Lyft). What’s more, about 26 percent of ridesharing users use the services on a monthly basis, while about 14 percent use them weekly. The fact that more people are using Read More

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    Safe Winter Driving: How to Avoid a Car Accident

    Staying on high alert when driving on Kansas’ roads during the winter time can help to protect you from being in an accident. When snow piles up and things get icy, here are some tips to stay safe and avoid a car accident, as well as to be prepared if emergency does strike– Prep Your Read More

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    Tips for Staying Safe this Holiday Seasons

    Whatever your celebration of choice, the winter holidays are a wonderful time to connect with family and friends, give to others, enjoy warm and delicious food, and express gratitude. As you make memories this holiday season, be sure to watch out for some accident and injury types that are common during the holiday season. Here Read More

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    What Is the Kansas Statute of Limitations In Car Accident Cases?

    What Is a Statute of Limitations? The “game clock” for a lawsuit starts running on the date and time of the accident. A statute of limitations is the time limit on the amount of time you have to bring forth a lawsuit after suffering an injury. According to Kansas Statute Section 60-513, a civil action Read More

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    What Are My Options for Recovering Compensation After a Car Accident?

    After you’re in a car accident, one of the first questions is, “Who will pay for this?” If another person was at fault for the accident, the injured party may automatically assume that the at-fault person will be responsible for paying for damages. However, because Kansas is a no-fault car insurance state, the law requires Read More

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