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    Fiery Crash At McConnell AFB Kills Two

    Even though no one saw a fatal car crash at a little-used back entrance to the sprawling facility, the victims’ families may still be able to receive compensation for their injuries, according to Wichita personal injury attorney Larry Wall.

    Shortly before midnight on New Years Eve Eve, first responders arrived near the intersection of George Washington Boulevard and 31st Street South to find a car on fire. Some neighbors reported hearing a crash, but claimed they did not see anything. Base officials say the entrance has been closed since shortly after 9/11.

    The barricade was back up by dawn, and base security was unaffected.

    “In hit and run or no-witness wrecks, many victims think that hiring a lawyer is a waste of time,” Mr. Wall remarked. “But that’s usually not the case. Even in situations like these, victims may have options. Furthermore, we never charge any money down in these cases. So, there’s no risk.”

    In most cases, somebody usually saw something.

    Many people do not want to talk to the media or to first responders, for various reasons. But, they will talk to personal injury attorneys or their investigators. That’s especially true in cases like the above story. Two people are dead and everyone wants to know what happened.

    Even if the witness only got a glimpse of the other vehicle, or the witness was a few blocks away from the crash scene, the witness’ testimony might be vital. This person’s story might be like that one obscure jigsaw puzzle piece which means nothing by itself but makes the whole picture much clearer.

    Depending on the severity of the car fire, the vehicle’s Event Data Recorder might still be intact. The EDR captures and stores vital information, such as:

    ●     Vehicle speed,

    ●     Airbag deployment,

    ●     Steering angle, and

    ●     Brake application.

    As outlined below, an accident reconstructionist can often work wonders with the raw data and present a compelling picture to the Sedgwick County jury.

    Surveillance video is quite useful as well. Usually, this footage is like eyewitnesses statements that cannot be contradicted or challenged in court. If a nearby security or other camera got a picture of the vehicle, even if it did not record the driver, the footage may be critical. In civil court, the burden of proof is only a preponderance of the evidence (more likely than not). And, in most cases, the person who owned the vehicle was also driving it at any given time.

    An attorney and/or accident reconstructionist can put it all together and make a strong case for damages. These damages normally include compensation for economic losses, such as medical bills, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering. Especially in fatal hit-and-run cases, additional punitive damages may be available as well.

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