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    hospital-safetyParalyzed Patient Suffers Stage IV Ulcers Due To Neglect

      When my sister needed the services of an attorney, I cold-called several attorney’s in Wichita. The attorneys who did not provide the type of service (medical malpractice) my sister needed, I asked them for a recommendation. Wall and Huntington’s names kept being mentioned. Now after experiencing their services first hand, those attorney’s recommendations were spot on. I am not an attorney. I am the brother of a woman from small town Iola, Kansas who needed big time services to battle the attorney’s of a super large hospital. If you find yourself in a similar situation, call Larry or Tina. They are honest, hard working attorneys who will take on your case with passion. God bless.


    Train Strikes Pickup Truck Killing The Father Of Four Young Children

    The remains of a semi-truck and tanker after it exploded and burned. The truck was taking on gasoline from a railroad tanker when the accident occured. I looked for a lawyer that would handle my ex husbands train accident. I was striking out all over, tell we found Tina. She took on our case and in doing that It was a hard case. She battled the BNSF Railroad. She never once gave up on us. She kept us informed and always returned our calls. Tina was always there to tell us what is going on never once bet around the bush she was up front and honest with us. Tina has went above and beyond what a lawyer should do in our eyes. If you need a hard working Firm to take your case Tina & Larry are the people you should be calling. Thank you so much what you have done for our family Tina. God Bless.


    Patient Suffers Serious Reaction To Flu Vaccine Resulting In Death

    vaccine Tina handled my case in a professional manner and regularly provided me with updates. Having a limited knowledge of the legal environment, I trusted her completely and appreciated the time she took to explain the hurdles and processes involved. The outcome was in my favor, and I am deeply grateful for her services!  


    prescriptionsPatient Dies Of Overdose As A Result Of Her Physicians Negligent Prescribing Practices

      I retained Larry Wall as my attorney some years ago. I felt a connection to him as soon as I met with him. He is very easy to talk to. He took my case which was a difficult case to prove, I had already consulted two other lawyers before and with no results. He went to work for me and made me feel confident from the first meeting. This was an emotional issue for me as it concerned a member of my family.


    misdiagnosisPatient Dies When Physician Negligently Ignores Signs Of Impending Stroke And Diagnosis Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    My medical malpractice case is not completed, but I am totally satisfied with Larry Wall’s services to date. Larry appears to be very knowlegable and thorough and honest. I feel he is serving my best interests.


    misdiagnosisPatient Dies Of Overdose As A Result of Her Physicians Negligent Prescribing Practices

      I would like to make a statement about my experience with attorney Larry Wall. My daughter was a victim of Dr. Schneider in 2003. At that time I was interested in stopping The Schneider Clinic from harming any more patients. I used all the resources I knew to use. I went to the KBI, I called the Ks. Medical Board, I finally decided to seek an attorney for help. I went to several law offices that specialized in medical malpractice, only to be told my case was too difficult and probably was not winnable. Meanwhile, patients were dying at an alarming rate and I felt compelled to stop this by any means. I decided to try one more attorney and after hearing about Larry Wall's reputation for righting wrongdoing in this type of thing, I sought him out. I am so glad that I did. He listening to my story and was genuinely concerned for my cause. From that day on, he threw himself into stopping needless deaths that were occurring at the hands of Dr. Schneider. Larry was dedicated to this task and worked tirelessly, dedicating himself full time to these cases. I believe he worked beyond and above what most attorneys would have. Pushing on for exposing the malicious and deadly practices of The Schneider Clinic. Once he was aware of their practices, he stayed on a quest for stopping it even giving up easier cases to devote all his time to this cause. He showed extreme courtesy and caring for my family's loss. One of the things I remember was how he protected my daughter Lisa and I from aggressive and verbal attacks during depositions and litigation from defense attorneys. His work ethics were outstanding and he made sure all the accusations were true and factual. I am grateful to have been his first case against The Clinic and truly believe that if Larry had not taken my case, the death toll would have been much higher and The Schneiders may very well still be in business. During this trying ordeal, I appreciate Larry's tireless work and the magnitude of what was accomplished. I am proud to call him my friend.

    Gwen Hunt

    prescriptionsPatient Dies Of Overdose As A Result Of His Physicians Negligent Prescribing Practices

    To Whom It May Concern, My family and I are very pleased to write this letter on behalf of Larry Wall. We will always have the utmost respect, appreciation and gratitude for Larry's unyielding pursuit of justice for our family. He provided us with exceptional legal guidance during out litigation against Stephen Schneider and the Schneider clinic. His knowledge, dedicated and professionalism coupled with his compassionate and caring nature proved invaluable during a time when our family was experiencing profound grief over the senseless loss of a family member. (more…)

    Carrie Jimenez & Family


    Patient Dies As A Result Of Her Physicians Negligent Prescribing Practices

    My name is Ken Roberts and I am writing this letter to describe my experience with Larry Wall. In the beginning I had called numerous local lawyers only to be turned away when they heard the name Dr. Stephen Schneider. I could not understand why it was so hard just to get someone to hear my story. I started to get the impression that everyone was scared of this man or they were scared of losing. It wasn't until I was about to quit my search that I stumbled across Larry's phone number. When I called, I explained to Larry my frustration with trying to speak to other law firms. I then proceeded with my story and about into my third sentence he interrupted me. He then asked me if this has anything to do with Dr. Schneider and the allegations that were being brought forward by families. Reluctantly I said, "Yes", thinking that our conversation had just now ended, but surprisingly Larry told me we needed to speak in person as soon as possible. From start to finish, the entire process was taking a toll on me physically and mentally. I had lost a father to cancer, mother, and sister... and I had to go through all of this. When I needed someone to talk to, Larry was there not only as a lawyer, but also as a friend. He was there to pick me up whenever I "stumbled". The more I spoke to him the more i realized how much he took pride in his work and the people he was working for. I know that lawyers hate to lose, but I could tell Larry was one of those guys who really hated to lose. Needless to say that I learned rather quickly that Larry was one of those lawyers who could not be intimidated. He reassured me that there would be justice and that he would be there standing by my side when it was all said and done. As time went on, I noticed that I had started to look up to him not only as a lawyer, but as a father figure as well. My father was a very intelligent man who would do anything to protect his family. I felt like Larry was doing the same, but not just for me.. for everyone. I believe that Larry is one of those lawyers who go above and beyond the call of duty to get the job done. He is part of a dying breed of professionals that we all need to learn from. Furthermore, Larry Wall will be known by my family forever. Til my last breath, I will never forget him and what he did for my family. He did what he said he would set out to do, make sure my voice was heard and my story was known. He protected me like a father and treated me like a son and I will never forget him for that. I feel that I owe him so much more than just the standard, "Thank you". It is my belief that Larry should be honored for all his work, determination, knowledge, skill, wisdom, courage, bravery, and empathy. He truly is a class act.  

    Kenneth Roberts

    hospital-safety1-150x150Patient Dies Before Surgery Can Occur

      As you all know, my dad was taken from us on February 17th. It was a sudden death and very tramatic for our family. We have always been close, and our dad was a special, kind and very caring man. He meant the world to us.  Because he died so suddenly and had been at the doctor's office all day the same day, we were concerned that the doctor had sent him home negligently.  I turned to your law firm after reading many great reviews on the internet. Larry called today to let us know that in reality the doctor did not do anything that hurt dad and that it was no one's fault. I want you all to know the peace that this has brought to me and will to my family. The peace of knowing that we didn't just let dad die, that it likely would have happened regardless of him being flown to KC, that we can let go of the anger we have held not only with the doctor, but also with ourselves. We no longer have to question "if only we would have done this or that", our dad died and now we can accept this and move on. I will never be able to thank you all enough. Never. You have been so kind and caring. The phone call with Larry was so genuine and full of concern, and even though I'm crying while I write this I am full of thanks to you all. Thank you for the peace you have brought to us. Thank you again. I only wish I could fully express how grateful I am. Sincerely, Holly Chandler

    Holly Chandler