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    Teen Drivers and Auto Accidents in Wichita

    If you have a teenage child who is driving then you need to know about motor vehicle accident risks and teen drivers. Teenagers may be more at risk than older drivers to cause a serious crash or to sustain severe or fatal injuries in a car accident. According to a fact sheet from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were 2,333 teen deaths (teens between the ages of 16-19) in 2015 caused by traffic collisions. More than 221,300 teens sought treatment in emergency departments for motor vehicle crash injuries. While teens between the ages of 15-19 represent a relatively small percentage of the population (about 7 percent), teens account for about 11 percent of all car accident injuries.

    What are some of the risk factors that parents should know about in order to prevent a motor vehicle collision in Wichita? What can you do to reduce the risk of your teen being hurt or killed in a car wreck?

    Risk Factors for Teen Car Crashes

    Both the CDC and the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety discuss some of the most common risk factors for teen car accidents. We have assembled information from both sources to clarify some of the reasons young drivers are at higher risk of a crash:

    • Having a license for less than a month;
    • Driving with other teenagers in the vehicle as passengers;
    • Lack of experience estimating the danger of a hazardous condition on the road;
    • Likelihood of making a “critical decision error” behind the wheel;
    • Rate of speeding and believing that speeding is acceptable;
    • Allowing shorter headways, or following other vehicles too closely;
    • Failing to wear a seat belt; and
    • Consuming alcohol.

    How Can Parents Reduce the Rate of Teen Motor Vehicle Crashes?

    According to AAA, parent involvement in teen driver is among the most important factors for preventing crashes. Specifically, parents can provide teens with a safe driving example, and they can provide their kids with advice for safe driving and crash avoidance. AAA also recommends that families create a Parent-Teen Agreement, which specific different “checkpoints” for unsupervised driving privileges. This kind of agreement can help to ensure that teens do the following:

    • Obey traffic laws;
    • Avoid texting or talking on a cell phone while driving;
    • Avoid distractions associated with teen passengers; and
    • Gain sufficient experience driving under certain conditions.

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