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    How to Avoid a Kansas Car Accident This Summer

    Driving in the summertime may be more dangerous than during other parts of the year, especially for teens and those on the road around them. To be sure, the days following Memorial Day have been coined “The 100 deadliest days,” as the number of car accidents involving teens skyrockets during the summer months.

    But teens are not the only ones to blame for summertime car accidents; hot temperatures (leading to tire blowouts), more drivers on the road, more people taking long car trips in unfamiliar places, the Fourth of July, and summer roadside construction all increase the risk of a crash.

    As you navigate Kansas’ roads this summer, here are some tips for avoiding a car crash. If you are hurt in a crash, our lawyers at the Wall Huntington Law Firm are here to help you.

    Maintain Your Vehicle

    One of the easiest ways that you can take action to prevent against a crash is simply to maintain your vehicle. Vehicle maintenance is very important during the summer when temperatures are hot, and can help to prevent overheating or a tire blowout.

    Take Extra Caution in Unfamiliar Areas

    While road trips are certainly fun, driving in new territory can be a bit overwhelming, and has the potential to be dangerous. When you are driving in unfamiliar areas, slow down, and use extra caution when navigating. Remember that there may be one-way streets, areas of construction, or stop signs in places you are unfamiliar with. Take extra caution if you are using a GPS to navigate.

    Exercise Patience

    With more drivers on the road during the summer months, and many of them very inexperienced, it can be very challenging to not become frustrated while driving. But driving while upset is dangerous, and road rage and aggressive tendencies significantly increase the risk of a crash.

    Be Careful on Weekends and Holidays

    Weekends and holidays are the prime times for drunk drivers to get behind the wheel, and the Fourth of July is infamous as a holiday with some of the most alcohol-related driving deaths reported. If you imbibe this summer, do not get behind the wheel. If you are driving and notice another driver that you think may be intoxicated, keep a safe distance, then pull over to a safe location and report the driver.

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