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    Pedestrian Fatalities

    Sadly, the statistics for those using the sidewalks and streets were not very good according to the last year data was published. There was an increase in fatalities in 2012. At this time of year make certain you look both ways and hold onto your kids. Even though pedestrians have the right of way, pedestrian fatalities Read More

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    Rural Kansas Healthcare Crisis

    This is the bad new published November 23, 2014 in Fierce Healthcare.  It appears that there is a shortage of healthcare workers.  Also because Kansas did not expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act there are going to be drastic cuts to rural hospitals. We are here to help We have helped victims of doctor, Read More

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    Spinal Cord Injuries and Brain Damage

    Everyone is familiar with the fact that automobile accidents can cause serious injuries, including broken bones, concussions and some times even spinal cord injuries. With some spinal cord injuries causing permanent changes in a victims strength, sensation and other body functions below the site of the injury. However, a recent study conducted at the University Read More

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    National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

    Did you know the U.S. has a national program to compensate individuals injured by routine vaccinations? Despite the fact, in 1986, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) established the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) in an effort to promptly compensate individuals injured by routine vaccinations, the majority of people still do Read More

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    Driving Buzzed During The Holidays

    WERE YOU HURT OR A LOVED ONE HURT BY A BUZZED OR DRUNK DRIVER? “Everyone understands dancing-with-a-lampshade drunk and says they would never drive like that. But they do drive with a buzz on because they don’t believe they are impaired,” said Robin Mayer of the NHTSA. These men defined “buzzed” as having a couple Read More

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    Defective Airbag Recall

    How can you learn  if your car has a defective airbag recall? It got easier on November 18, 2014 thanks to NHTSA. You can go to The decision to call for a national recall of vehicles with certain Takata-made driver’s side frontal air bags is based on the agency’s evaluation of a recent driver’s side air Read More

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    Workers Compensation & Work Place Safety

    In April 2010 an explosion killed 29 miners. In May 2010 Massey energy Co., CEO Don Blankenship testified to the U.S. Senate on mine safety.  On Thursday November 13, 2014 Don Blankenship was indicted on charges that he orchestrated the routine violation of key mine safety rules at the Upper Big Branch Mine. It is Read More

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    Civil Rights After Whistle-Blowing

    Your safety aboard an airline will be affected shortly by a case just argued in the U.S. Supreme Court. On November 4, 2014 the U.S. Supreme Court heard argument in a case that will affect how government employees are treated when they “blow the whistle” on government wrongdoers.  This case involves Robert J. MacLean who Read More

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