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    Civil Rights After Whistle-Blowing

    Your safety aboard an airline will be affected shortly by a case just argued in the U.S. Supreme Court. On November 4, 2014 the U.S. Supreme Court heard argument in a case that will affect how government employees are treated when they “blow the whistle” on government wrongdoers.  This case involves Robert J. MacLean who lost his job as an air marshal. He made public the fact that the Transportation  Safety Agency (TSA) was cutting down on air marshals on flights out of Las Vegas. His disclosure led to a public outcry and the cut-backs were never implemented. He was fired. This is an infringement of your civil rights. If you know of government fraud you can report it and be paid and protected from reprisal. We know how to prosecute whistle-blower lawsuits. Our review of the argument in the MacLean  case leads us to believe that a majority of the Justices sided with the whistleblower.

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