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    Pedestrian Fatalities

    Sadly, the statistics for those using the sidewalks and streets were not very good according to the last year data was published. There was an increase in fatalities in 2012. At this time of year make certain you look both ways and hold onto your kids. Even though pedestrians have the right of way, pedestrian fatalities still occur frequently.

    Pedestrians Right of Way

    We have helped pedestrians recover from careless drivers. We obtained a verdict in Federal Court after a jury trial. The defense claimed our clients were at fault for crossing in the middle of the street at night. The jury found for our clients and awarded over $180,000.00.

    We are here to help

    If you or a loved one was involved in a pedestrian fatality, call or contact Larry Wall and Tina Huntington, in Wichita, for a free consultation at (316) 265-6000.