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18 Wheeler Injuries And Death

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Truck Wrecks Usually Result in Very Severe Injuries or Death

Auto Accident involving a Big Rig

Statistics show that commercial truck drivers are generally much more careful than drivers of automobiles. However, an out of control truck is more dangerous than a lit stick of dynamite. Any collision between a BIG RIG and a car is very likely to result in serious or fatal injuries. If the truck is fully loaded the impact is often disastrous. If the load is flammable or toxic the burns or lung damage is usually horrific. Larry Wall and Tina Huntington have represented victims that were seriously injured in tractor-trailer wrecks,  semi-truck crashes and commercial bus catastrophes.

Truck Owners and Operators Must Obey Safety Rules and Regulations

All 50 states and the federal government have imposed specific laws and regulations for large trucks that the owners and operators must follow for our safety. Larry Wall and Tina Huntington have 50 plus years of combined experience handling commercial trucking lawsuits. They have a vast library of materials, proven experts and a thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations. A fully loaded 18 wheeler will weigh at least 75,000 pounds. The average auto weighs about 3000 pounds. As a result of the weight difference the driver and the passengers are at a great danger of being seriously hurt or killed in any collision. The difference in size and weight is the reasons truckers need to follow the rules and regulations of the road.  Some of the rules and regulations center on the owners responsibility to make certain the operator does not violate any of the following rules:

  1. Failure to utilize a road test on the driver before the wreck
  2. Failure to utilize a written testing system before the wreck
  3. Failure to utilize a classroom teaching program before the wreck
  4. Failure to conduct a background check before the wreck
  5. Failure to implement a safety program before the wreck
  6. Failure to use safety protocols such as the Smith or Keller systems
  7. Failure to properly supervise the driver at all times
  8. Failure to train on hazard perception skills
  9. Failure to require proper and honest trip logs
  10. Allowing fatigued operators to drive.

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