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    ‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly, Not Slip And Fall

    There is nothing quite like the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Many people walk around with an extra pep in their step and a smile on their face, spreading holiday cheer all around. And it’s no wonder. The holidays often mean parties, giving and receiving gifts, and spending time with those that you love. But all of that leads to extra trips to the store, shopping for the perfect gift or picking up ingredients for that special holiday dish.

    However, nothing can get you out of the holiday spirit faster than an injury and a trip to the hospital. Some of the same things that make the holidays great can also make them more dangerous. Here are some things to look out for during the holiday season.

    Larger Crowds

    Whether you are headed to the grocery store, a department store, or the mall, there are more people out and about during the holiday season. This not only means more crowded doorways and aisles, but it also means that the stores themselves are typically messier as well. The more customers that come through, the more items are out of place, off the rack and on the floor, creating more opportunities to trip and fall over objects in the floor that shouldn’t be there.

    Let It Snow

    It’s great to dream of a white Christmas, but the fact of the matter is that snow and ice create a dangerous environment in which to shop. Parking lots and sidewalks are more slippery in these conditions, and if they aren’t properly maintained it can be easy to slip and take a nasty fall. Not only that, the snow and ice that is tracked into the store turns into water on the floor in entrances, which can also cause an unsuspecting patron to suffer a fall.

    Deck The Halls, Slips and Falls

    Part of the fun of shopping during the holidays is seeing the beautiful displays and festive decorations. However, when you consider all of the extra people in the stores during this season, the decorations can take up more room in the store and create more things to cause a potential fall.

    We are here to help

    All of these hazards are in addition to the normal dangers lurking in stores that can cause a slip and fall, such as spills, uneven flooring, poor lighting, and other negligence. That is why it is important to be especially careful during the holidays. We certainly hope your holidays are filled with joy and laughter. However, if you or a loved one gets injured during the holiday season due to the negligence of a property owner, we can help. At Wall Huntington Law Firm, we provide our clients with the personal attention and care that they deserve. And with over 50 years of combined experience, attorneys Larry Wall and Tina Huntington have the knowledge and proven track record to get you the compensation that you deserve. You can schedule a free consultation with us online, by calling 316-265-6000, or toll free at 800-475-4140 today.