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    Slip & Fall Personal Injury Accident Attorney

    Experienced Wichita, KS Personal Injury Lawyers

    Slip and Fall Accident Attorney WichitaIf you slip and fall in a grocery store, you might feel more embarrassment than pain. Maybe your knee twisted or you bumped your head. But then the next day, things get worse. Your knee injury is really a torn ligament. Or the head bump leads to headaches, forgetfulness, and slurred speech. Your doctor tells you it’s traumatic brain injury, and it is possible you may never fully recover. In Wichita, Kansas, Larry Wall Trial Law can help you recover the real costs of a merchant’s failure to keep his property safe.

    Kansas Plaintiff Personal Injury Attorneys

    At Larry Wall Trial Law, our Wichita personal injury lawyers have the experience, substantial resources, and insight to fight for what you deserve if you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence. Larry Wall has been acknowledged as a Consumer Champion by the Kansas Trial Lawyers Association, and his commitment to his clients shows in his track record. A partial list of recent settlements and jury verdicts includes:

    • $7 million in a spinal cord injury case
    • $3.3 million – hospital patient paralyzed
    • $2.275 million – brain-injured child
    • $1.6 million – wrongful death product disability
    • $1.3 million – misread pap test
    • $1.28 million in a department store slip and fall case
    • $975 thousand – doctor misdiagnosed stroke
    • $958 thousand – punitive damage jury verdict
    • $900 thousand – brain injuries
    • $742 thousand – emergency room patient paralyzed
    • $515 thousand – doctor addicts patient
    • $500 thousand – patient over-prescribed narcotics
    • $490 thousand – wrongful death due to pilot error
    • $390 thousand – bedsore
    • $280 thousand – spine surgery malpractice
    • $184 thousand in an auto accident case where a pedestrian was injured
    • $144 thousand – endometriosis

    Over the course of his careers, Larry has been successful in the following areas:

    Helping you recover from your injuries, and making sure your future care is secure, is what we are dedicated to at Larry Wall Trial Law in Wichita, Kansas.

    If you have sustained a motorcycle head injury or any other type of serious personal injury in Wichita, Kansas, or its surrounding areas, Call Larry Wall Trial Law at 316-265-6000 or contact us online today for a free initial consultation and evaluation of your claim from a personal injury lawyer.