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    Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Wichita Kansas

    Motorcycle Fatality Statistics

    Automobile Accident involving a motorcycle

    Although motorcycles only represent about 3% of all registered vehicles in the U.S., motorcyclists accounted for 13% of total traffic fatalities in 2007. Per registered vehicle, the fatality rate for both motorcycle operators and passengers is 5.5 times higher than that for passenger car occupants. According to recent statistics released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcyclists are about 35 times more likely to die in a car crash than individuals traveling in cars.

    If you have been in the unfortunate situation of being involved in a motorcycle wreck, chances are you suffered serious injuries. Whether you were knocked off your motorcycle by another driver who claims they did not see you, because someone turned without looking or changed lanes without doing a head check, or you fell off your motorcycle after hitting a pothole because of poorly maintained roads, you may be entitled to compensation. It might be that you are looking for someone on behalf of a loved one who is still in the hospital recovering or in a coma. Whatever your situation, there is one thing for sure, you need to find Kansas lawyers with the best qualifications in motorcycle injury law.

    As with any personal injury claim, the laws surrounding personal injury are complex and the particulars of a case can vary in the way a claim is pursued and its eventual outcome. For these reasons, there are a number of things you should look for in a law firm.

    You need a law firm that is experienced at settlement and trial law

    It is possible that your motorcycle injury claim may be resolved through a settlement.  But it may require a trial. It is important that you find lawyers who are experienced and able to represent you through all contingencies. Trial law is not something that every lawyer or law firm is prepared or qualified to perform.

    Larry Wall is very experienced in representing motorcycle injury clients in settlements and in trials. With over 50 years of combined experience in personal injury law in Kansas we have the skills necessary to provide our clients with the best representation available.

    You may need a lawyer who handles wrongful death claims

    Unfortunately, sometimes motorcycles accident victims suffer fatal injuries. The death of a loved one is going to be stressful enough. If you do find yourself in this unfortunate situation, you need to know that your Kansas lawyer is skilled in representing you.

    Talk to a Kansas lawyer at Larry Wall Trial Law about your motorcycle law suit

    We have made it our purpose to help victims of negligence, including motorcycle injuries, fight for their right to compensation. We have implemented systems to better help victims. For example, we charge on a contingency fee basis that is typically lower than our competitors. This means that our clients do not pay any legal or administrative fees until and unless you receive compensation. If you do not receive compensation, you do not pay anything. We are here to help injury victims who may otherwise have trouble hiring a lawyer.

    For more information on the Larry Wall Trial Law or any services we provide, contact us today.

    Kansas Motorcycle Laws

    If you plan to ride in Kansas you need to know the motorcycle laws. Motorcycle laws differ by state, and it is important to be aware of the different laws as you travel. If you need more information about Kansas motorcycle laws or what to do in the event of a motorcycle accident, contact Larry Wall. He is EXPERIENCED. ACCOMPLISHED­. DETERMINED.

    A. Rider Safety Equipment

    Kansas has some of the most stringent motorcycle laws in the nation. Safety and equipment laws are designed to keep riders and passengers safe. In the event of an accident, it is important to be prepared. Some things to consider when riding in Kansas are:

    ✓ A safety helmet is required by law for those under the age of 18
    ✓ Eye protection is required by law, unless equipped with a windscreen
    ✓ Daytime headlights are required for all vehicles manufactured after 1978
    ✓ A left side mirror is required by law

    B. Bike Specifications

    Kansas has the following laws regulating the specifications of motorcycles:

    ✓ A passenger seat and footrest are required if you are carrying a passenger
    ✓ Turn signals are required on bikes manufactured after 01/01/73
    ✓ Motorcycles are subject to random safety inspections
    ✓ All riders are required to pass a driver skill test
    ✓ There are no restriction on the use of radar detectors
    ✓ A muffler is required, and any cut out, bypass, or similar devices are banned

    C. Off Road Riding

    When riding off­-road in Kansas, it is important to consider the motorcycle laws unique to this type of riding. A safety helmet is not required except for an ATV vehicle or unless a driver is riding on State or Federal owned land. However, it is important to note that each agency can choose to enforce or not enforce a helmet law on their land.

    Headlights and taillights are required off­-road after sunset, and vehicle registration is mandatory. Operators must be able to reach all controls, and a safety certificate is required for all drivers under the age of 18.

    D. Rules of the Road

    Kansas prohibits lane splitting. However, it the law allow operating two motorcycles abreast in the same traffic lane. Safety inspections are required by law and are randomly selected. There is no restriction on passenger age.

    If you have additional questions about the rules of the road in Kansas, contact us. Larry Wall is adept at assessing the full extent of damage an injury has caused.  He will apply his skill and experience in motorcycle accident law to help you pursue full and fair compensation for the losses you have suffered.

    Call Larry Wall Trial Law at 316-265-6000 or contact us online today to receive a free consultation.