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    Subject: Distracted Driving

    Kansas Supreme Court Strikes Down Cap on Pain and Suffering Damages

    Since the mid-1980s Kansas has had a statutory cap on noneconomic damages. Under state law, juries have been restricted in the amount of pain and suffering damages that they can award to plaintiffs in any given case. No longer. In Hilburn v. Enerpipe Ltd., the Kansas Supreme Court struck down the decades old law as Read More

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    Causes Of Trucking Accidents

    An accident with an eighteen-wheeler can result in serious injuries or death. Eighteen-wheelers and semi-trucks take longer to stop and maneuver than smaller cars, and therefore, there often isn’t enough time to stop an accident when something goes wrong. Studies have shown that in addition to bad weather conditions, one of the leading causes of Read More

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    Kansas State Text Messaging Law

    Text messaging has become an epidemic. Everyday states around the country are finding it necessary to pass laws to prevent drivers from texting while behind the wheel of an automobile. In a recent study it was determined that text messaging is now a greater risk and a greater cause of auto fatalities than drunk driving. Read More

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    ADOPT A SAFE DRIVING POLICY: Establish road safety practices and routines

    WALL HUNTINGTON ADOPTS A SAFE DRIVING POLICY We understand that one of the toughest and most important rules to adhere to in life is “practice what you  preach.” We are asking all our friends to join us in adopting the attached “Safe Driving Policy“. We also  encourage everyone to take this opportunity to talk with your Read More

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    I Was Severely Injured in a Car Wreck. What Type of Damages Am I Entitled To?

    If you have been injured in a car accident, chances are you have a mass of expenses piling up. From medical bills to property damages to lost income, there are many factors that contribute to your financial hardship. Bottom Line. There really isn’t an exact formula to determine how much you can recover. Everyone’s case Read More

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    Keeping a Safe Distance: Avoid a Rear-End Collision

    A rear-end collision simply refers to situations when one vehicle strikes another from behind. This particular type of wreck is one of the most common. Typically, the driver in the rear is held to be responsible for the accident. The law imposes a duty on all drivers to ensure that he or she has enough Read More

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    Driving Drowsy Is a Serious Traffic Safety Concern Research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reveals driver fatigue is a factor for more car accidents than federal government statistics had indicated. According to AAA, 21% of fatal crashes involve drowsy driver’s.  (The 2011 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report showed 2.5%). In terms Read More

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    How Can These Be Considered the Same?The odds of being hurt by a distracted driver are terrifying. Kansas University and the University of Utah have published statistics. In the Science of Distracted Driving published on Car Talk the following facts are established: Facts on Distracted Driving The odds of getting into a crash are 4 Read More

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