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    Keeping a Safe Distance: Avoid a Rear-End Collision

    Car Wreck Lawyers Wichita KS

    A rear-end collision simply refers to situations when one vehicle strikes another from behind. This particular type of wreck is one of the most common. Typically, the driver in the rear is held to be responsible for the accident. The law imposes a duty on all drivers to ensure that he or she has enough room to slow down or stop, regardless of what the driver in front of them is doing. Even in situations where a driver comes to a sudden stop, the driver behind should be following at a distance to prevent a collision.


    In most rear-end collisions, the damages to the vehicles clearly establishes the circumstances of the accident, namely that one vehicle struck the other from behind. In some circumstances, the impact can be of enough force, to push once car into another vehicle, resulting in a multiple vehicle collision. Generally, the two front cars will file claims with the insurance company of the driver in the rear. Typically, the driver of the middle car is not liable even though their vehicle damaged another, because the wreck was not a result of that driver’s negligence.

    Shifting Blame in a Rear-end Car Accident

    Although uncommon, there are situations in which the driver of the car that was struck from behind may share some liability. For instance, failing to fix broken brake tail lights or failure to move to the side of the road if their car is experiencing a mechanical problem. Either of these situations can result in shared or full liability for a collision.

    So, always remember follow the rules of the road, stay vigilant, and travel at a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of you. It can save you money, injuries, and even save your life.

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