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    Jury Awards Man $6.6 Million Involving a Physician’s Failure to Notify the Patient of Blood Infection Resulting in Paralysis from his Chest Down

    A Pennsylvania man developed severe back pain and went to a local emergency room (ER) where he also advised the nursing staff that he was suffering from heroin addiction and that he had experienced fever and nausea. Testing, including an EKG, x-rays and blood work was performed and he was discharged with a diagnosis of exacerbated back pain and Read More

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    My Car Was Totaled Due to a Distracted Driver

    My Car Was Totaled Due to a Distracted DriverKansas Personal Injury Lawyer can Help Accidents caused by distracted drivers are becoming a more common occurrence everyday, and were the leading cause of accidents in Kansas over the last couple of years. Cell phones, radio, GPS, and even mini televisions distract people. If you are the Read More

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