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    My Car Was Totaled Due to a Distracted Driver

    My Car Was Totaled Due to a Distracted Driver

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    Accidents caused by distracted drivers are becoming a more common occurrence everyday, and were the leading cause of accidents in Kansas over the last couple of years. Cell phones, radio, GPS, and even mini televisions distract people. If you are the victim of an auto accident because of a distracted driver you should contact an attorney today. You should not be left with the costs of your medical bills, car repairs, or loss of wages.

    People do not realize how dangerous it is to driver while under the influence of a distraction. Nine million people are killed everyday because of distracted drivers, and of those that do not die, 1,153 people are left injured from these types of accidents. In the state of Kansas, the Department of Transportation released startling numbers from 2012. These numbers included 521 accidents related to cell phone distraction, 5 fatalities, and 258 people were injured. These numbers are up from 2011 where there 480 accidents, 3 deaths, and 228 injuries.

    What are the most common causes of distracted driving accidents in Kansas?

    The DOT has noted that there were 1,644 accidents in 2012 involving other distractions, not including activities by the driver such as using electronic devices, applying makeup, reading a newspaper, eating or dealing with children. Some of the most common causes of distracted driving accidents include:

    • Texting while driving – This is one of the most common – and most dangerous – reasons why distracted driving accidents occur in Kansas.
    • Talking on a cell phone – Adults and experienced drivers are allowed to talk on a cell phone while driving in most cities in Kansas. However, that does not give the drivers the right to operate a vehicle in an unsafe manner while talking on the phone.
    • Operating a GPS or navigational device – Even looking away from the road for a few seconds to check directions or type in an address while driving can result in a serious accident.
    • Adjusting the radio – Many drivers don’t realize how distracting it can be to scroll through the radio stations while they are trying to drive. Especially on a busy road or during rush hour traffic.
    • Eating while driving – Many drivers eat behind the wheel. Whether it’s breakfast on the way to work, or grabbing dinner on the way home from your kid’s football practice, drivers sometimes pay more attention to the food they’re trying to eat than the road in front of them.

    Ask a Wichita Personal Injury Attorney

    If you have been involved in a distracted driver accident, or have any questions, please contact Wall Huntington, Personal Injury Lawyers.