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    Trucking Safety Under Increased Scrutiny

    When we drive down the highway on a busy city street we are entitled to safety, especially when it comes to big rigs. We are a little safer now due to new regulations published by the Federal Motor carrier Safety Administration. If you work in the trucking industry you may know of a company that encourages their drivers to falsify their log-books. If you do you may be entitled to a reward compensation. Trucking safety has been under increased scrutiny. In 2012 trucking related deaths rose by almost 9 per cent. This statistic is from the National Highway Administration.  A Missouri trucking company (New Prime) was fined $100,000.00 for blacklisting a driver according to the Springfield news Leader.

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    If you know of trucking fraud you can report it and be paid and protected from reprisal. We know how to prosecute whistle blower lawsuits. Contact expert attorneys at Wall Huntington today. We’re here serving the Wichita area, call our offices, 316-265-6000 for assistance.