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    As you all know, my dad was taken from us on February 17th. It was a sudden death and very tramatic for our family. We have always been close, and our dad was a special, kind and very caring man. He meant the world to us.  Because he died so suddenly and had been at the doctor’s office all day the same day, we were concerned that the doctor had sent him home negligently.  I turned to your law firm after reading many great reviews on the internet. Larry called today to let us know that in reality the doctor did not do anything that hurt dad and that it was no one’s fault. I want you all to know the peace that this has brought to me and will to my family. The peace of knowing that we didn’t just let dad die, that it likely would have happened regardless of him being flown to KC, that we can let go of the anger we have held not only with the doctor, but also with ourselves. We no longer have to question “if only we would have done this or that”, our dad died and now we can accept this and move on. I will never be able to thank you all enough. Never. You have been so kind and caring. The phone call with Larry was so genuine and full of concern, and even though I’m crying while I write this I am full of thanks to you all. Thank you for the peace you have brought to us. Thank you again. I only wish I could fully express how grateful I am.


    Holly Chandler