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    misdiagnosisPatient Dies Of Overdose As A Result of Her Physicians Negligent Prescribing Practices


    I would like to make a statement about my experience with attorney Larry Wall.

    My daughter was a victim of Dr. Schneider in 2003. At that time I was interested in stopping The Schneider Clinic from harming any more patients. I used all the resources I knew to use. I went to the KBI, I called the Ks. Medical Board, I finally decided to seek an attorney for help. I went to several law offices that specialized in medical malpractice, only to be told my case was too difficult and probably was not winnable. Meanwhile, patients were dying at an alarming rate and I felt compelled to stop this by any means.

    I decided to try one more attorney and after hearing about Larry Wall’s reputation for righting wrongdoing in this type of thing, I sought him out. I am so glad that I did. He listening to my story and was genuinely concerned for my cause. From that day on, he threw himself into stopping needless deaths that were occurring at the hands of Dr. Schneider.

    Larry was dedicated to this task and worked tirelessly, dedicating himself full time to these cases. I believe he worked beyond and above what most attorneys would have. Pushing on for exposing the malicious and deadly practices of The Schneider Clinic. Once he was aware of their practices, he stayed on a quest for stopping it even giving up easier cases to devote all his time to this cause.

    He showed extreme courtesy and caring for my family’s loss. One of the things I remember was how he protected my daughter Lisa and I from aggressive and verbal attacks during depositions and litigation from defense attorneys. His work ethics were outstanding and he made sure all the accusations were true and factual.

    I am grateful to have been his first case against The Clinic and truly believe that if Larry had not taken my case, the death toll would have been much higher and The Schneiders may very well still be in business.

    During this trying ordeal, I appreciate Larry’s tireless work and the magnitude of what was accomplished. I am proud to call him my friend.