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    Many people think “SUV” stands for “stupid useless vehicle” but many good people have bought them to protect their loved ones. Unfortunately they often have a design flaw that makes them prone to roll over – even when the driver has done nothing wrong.

    Traffic crashes are recognized as a major cause of death in the United States, claiming approximately 42,000 lives annually. For example, 41,821 traffic crash fatalities occurred in 2000, with occupants of passenger vehicles (passenger cars and light trucks) accounting for 31,910, about 76 percent of the total. Rollover crashes are a significant and growing contributor to this statistic. A rollover crash is particularly violent in nature. A rollover crash is far more likely to result in fatalities than are non-rollover crashes. Within the light trucks category, the vehicles most likely to be involved in rollovers were SUVs and pickup trucks.

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