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    How does a personal injury lawyer work?

    If you’re wondering how a personal injury lawyer works, you’ve probably been injured and want to protect your rights. If so, you are in the right spot.  The attorneys at Wall Huntington Law Firm can explain the role of personal injury lawyers and what they do for people who suffer injuries.

    The Technical Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer

    Personal Injury lawyers work as civil lawyers. Their first job is to protect you from further harm and protect your legal rights. People who have injuries may need protection from:

    • Employers – Work injuries can be personal injury cases. If your employer tries to fire you after you’ve been hurt on the job or punishes you for filing a workers’ compensation claim, or pressures you to sign release papers following an injury, then a personal lawyer would represent you and your rights.
    • Insurance Companies – can try to pressure you to sign release papers or drag out approvals for medical care.
    • Lawyers – that represent the person or entity that caused your injury.
    • Yourself – if you sign away your rights unknowingly.

    The Process of Personal Injury Cases

    There is a process that personal injury cases generally follow. It includes:

    1. Listening to your side to determine if you have a case that fits into personal injury law.
    2. Educating you on your rights and what they feel the case is in legal terms.
    3. Look at your injury and estimate monetary damages based on the type of injury, cost of past medical treatment, current medical treatment, and the future cost of caring for your injury.
    4. Contact the other party to obtain information and present your case.
    5. File lawsuits to protect your and advance your case if negotiations between your personal injury lawyer and the other party’s legal representative do not move forward.
    6. Protecting you from further injuries, such as wrongful termination following your injury, or making sure you have access to medical treatment as needed.

    Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?

    Larry Wall and Tina Huntington have seen it all in over 50 years of combined experience pursuing personal injury cases in the Wichita, KS area. So, if you have an injury, give them a call. The process of moving forward starts with presenting your case. Experience a friendly and warm environment with experienced personal injury attorneys who know the law and have the experience to represent your case.