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    How To Maximize Your Truck Accident Compensation in Wichita, KS

    Truck crashes usually cause more severe injuries and extensive damage than car accidents. However, when you claim truck accident compensation, you might discover that the at-fault party and their insurer will jump through hoops to minimize responsibility.

    Choosing the right Wichita truck accident lawyer is crucial in your claim process. An experienced, dedicated lawyer will help you present watertight evidence and negotiate a settlement amount that reflects the full worth of your losses.

    1. Hire an Attorney Early in the Process

    After seeking medical help, hiring a competent attorney should be high on your list of priorities after a truck crash. The sooner you find an experienced truck accident attorney, the better your chances of resolving your claim quickly and successfully.

    Working with an attorney can prevent fatal mistakes, like saying the wrong thing to an insurance adjuster or publishing social media content that could undermine your claim. Your lawyer may:

    • Gather evidence you might otherwise be unable to access, like trucking company records and black box data
    • Estimate the realistic worth of your case based on current and future losses
    • Handle all negotiations with insurers and protect you from underhanded tactics
    • Represent you at court if the at-fault party fails to come up with an adequate settlement offer

    Choose a competent local attorney who handles cases on a contingency basis. A reputable truck accident lawyer only collects their payout when they settle your claim. 

    2. Determine Who’s Responsible

    Car insurance in Kansas works on a no-fault basis, meaning you’d use your PIP insurance first, no matter who caused the accident. However, losses after a truck crash often exceed PIP coverage, at which point liability and negligence become crucial factors in negotiating a truck accident compensation.

    Apart from the usual safe driving guidelines, truck drivers must follow certain regulations, like a work hour limit. Your attorney will investigate your case and look for any evidence of negligence. Sometimes, you may also have grounds for a separate case against a third party, like a vehicle part manufacturer.

    3. Calculate All Your Losses 

    Remember to account for all your losses, like medical costs, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering, when negotiating a truck accident settlement. Future medical costs and lost earning capacity can significantly increase your case’s value.

    A savvy truck accident lawyer will know to include all eligible losses in their demand letter and evaluate the other side’s counteroffer. Depending on how negotiations go, your lawyer may recommend accepting the offer or proceeding to litigation. 

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