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    Larry Wall & Tina Huntington filed a civil rights lawsuit on behalf of an inmate in the county jail who was beaten and deprived of mental health services during his incarceration from October 2007 through February 2008. The lawsuit alleged excessive use of force by a jail guard and separate claims for deliberate indifference to the inmate’s serious medical needs. The inmate suffered from schizophrenia and was mentally disabled.

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    Larry Wall & Tina Huntington along with an Oklahoma law firm are involved in a lawsuit for the heirs of an inmate who committed suicide. The young man had been arrested and was undergoing detoxification from methadone in the County Jail. The detoxification was performed by a foreign corporation under contract with the County Jail. The corporation violated their own standards regarding detoxification. The health care provider also gave psychotropic medications that cause patient to become suicidal. They then failed to monitor the patient. The corporation violated the drug warning from the manufacturer of one of the drugs prescribed regarding the risk of suicide.

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    Larry Wall obtained a jury verdict for a motorcyclist beaten by Wichita Police Department (WPD) officers while handcuffed. The trial was in Wichita Federal District Court. The jury found the police officers were guilty of using excessive force. The police officers all testified that the victim had attacked them and his head injuries occurred when they fell during the handcuffing procedure. The officers also claimed they entered the Chapter 9 Lounge on a “routine investigation.” The law suit established that the “biker” was arrested without probable cause and was hit on the head and legs with police batons after he was handcuffed, The client suffered from partial paralysis of his hands due to the handcuffs being applied too tight and for too long of a time. Mr. Wall used the WPD, photographs of the head injuries in cross examination of the officers to prove the officer’s version was not true. The verdict was paid pursuant to a confidentiality agreement. All three of the officers involved were still working for the department after the case was settled.

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