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    The Kansas Association for Justice (KsAJ) Confirms Tina Huntington as an Eagle Advocate

    On March 20, 2015, at the Kansas Association for Justice’s (KsAJ) and the Legacy of Justice Foundation’s quarterly meeting, Tina Huntington was confirmed as an Eagle in the Association. The KsAJ Eagles Club is the premier group of personal injury lawyers in Kansas. The Eagles who have dedicated themselves to helping victims and their families. Eagles Club members provide extraordinary support for KsAJ to advance the cause of justice, the plaintiffs’ bar, and the Association’s mission: to protect the rights of all Kansans; to promote a high standard of ethics in the legal profession; to improve trial techniques and train lawyers in advocacy; and to champion the right to trial by jury and the independence of the judiciary. WALL HUNTINGTON is proud that Tina Huntington has earned the honor of being selected to be a Eagle.