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    What Is A Never Event?

    A never event is a serious malpractice case where the injury is painful, often expensive, and typically completely preventable. Never events are usually caused by negligence and are termed “never events” because they should NEVER have occurred.

    Examples of Never Events

    Almost all never events are the result of a medical procedure or follow-up medical care. They are part of the legal framework of personal injury in Kansas.

    They include:

    • The leaving of a foreign object after a surgical intervention – a tool, sponge, etc. The result can include infection, further harm, multiple surgeries, pain and suffering, and more.
    • Being given the wrong type of blood – This can lead to death and severe injury including long-term problems such as strokes and debilitation.
    • Bed sores and pressure ulcers – Often a problem in long-term care facilities where the patient is bed-bound and the pressure of being in bed begins to cause skin breakdown over bony points, such as the buttocks, hips, knees, shoulders, and even the back.
    • Falls and Falling Trauma – A broken hip due to a fall out of bed or a broken arm due to falling while ambulating. The severity of the injury can range from broken bones and dislocated joints to head injuries – all preventable when care is provided appropriately.
    • Surgery on the Wrong Body Part – It happens, but it shouldn’t. A surgeon should always know exactly what they are doing and why. Even performing surgery on the wrong patient has happened.

    Different Types of Never Events

    The different categories of never events help to illustrate how deadly these negligent personal injuries can be.

    Death – The worst outcome from a process that should never occur. When medical malpractice leads to the death of the patient either through a medical emergency or following a long recovery where the patient does not recover. An example might be when a patient is given the wrong medication and has a stroke and weeks later dies in comparison to someone who was given the wrong medication and died within minutes.

    Life-Saving Interventions – The result of the personal injury is such that the patient must endure life-saving interventions such as being placed on a ventilator until they can recover. That process may be short-term or long-term.

    Permanent Harm – The patient is never going to fully recover from the medical malpractice. An example might be the amputation of a leg when the patient was admitted for shoulder surgery. Another example might be the administration of the wrong medication that leads to the patient having a debilitating stroke but not dying.

    Severe Injury that is Temporary – A fall that results in a broken hip. The treatment may be several months long and the patient will recover and heal, but it will take time.

    Never Events are Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury Cases

    Never events are never supposed to happen, but they do. They are the result of carelessness and that makes them legally accountable. They occur in people of all ages and the response can be a short-term injury or worse, including death in extreme circumstances.

    Contact Larry Wall Trial Law if You or A Loved One Has Been A Victim of A Never Event.

    If you or a loved one has experienced a never event, seek the guidance of a personal injury lawyer who has experience with medical interventions. Larry Wall has decades of experience in pursuing personal injury cases in Kansas. Reach out to the Larry Wall Trial Law offices and explore the legal recourse and rights under personal injury law.