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    Rising Risks of Personal Injuries Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

    Larry Wall - Covid-19 Personal Injury AttorneyRising Risks of Personal Injuries Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

    The Kansas Department of Health held a press conference held March 25, 2020 to address the coronavirus pandemic. To date, there are more than 482 cases of COVID-19 throughout the state. To prevent community spread, the Governor has issued a ‘stay-at-home’ order. Essential service workers and those venturing out to replenish supplies are urged to maintain social distancing guidelines. Naturally, the current situation has residents of Wichita on edge. As a result, there is a greater risk of accidents resulting in potentially serious personal injuries.

    Anxiety, Distraction Increase Accident Risks

     News reports are constantly being updated with the latest coronavirus facts and statistics. A March 25 WIBW News 13 report states that efforts to ‘flatten the curve’ have caused nearly 30,000 people in Kansas to file for unemployment. With families home and huddled in place, one of the few outtings left are trips to the local grocery store.

    “Fears regarding the coronavirus and the ramifications of social distancing have left people in a heightened state of anxiety,” says Wichita personal injury attorney Larry Wall of the Wall Huntington Law Firm. “As a result, they are more likely to be distracted or panic in certain situations. This makes accidents more likely to happen.” In addition to increasing the risk of personal injuries, getting the medical care needed after an accident could expose you to the coronavirus.

    Reducing Your Personal Injury Risks

    During this difficult time, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and reduce personal injury risks. Attorney Wall advises the following:

    • Be alert when driving. Being distracted increases the likelihood of making dangerous driving errors. Be cautious when crossing intersections and avoid drivers who are speeding or engaged in other reckless behaviors.
    • Use caution in parking lots. “Parking lot accidents may appear minor but can result in serious personal injuries,” says Wall. Watch for pedestrians and people pulling in or out of spaces.
    • Be mindful in stores. Grocery stores workers are taxed and many places are having trouble keeping up with the public’s demands. Cluttered aisles, spills, and wet floors increase slip and fall accident risks.

    Wall urges victims to notify law enforcement or store security immediately and to seek medical care if an accident does happen. “Not doing so could jeopardize your health and your rights in a personal injury claim.”