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    Receiving Compensation From An Uninsured Motorist

    Receiving Compensation from an Uninsured Motorist

    A vehicle must be insured. A vehicle must be insured before it can be registered and the owner must “maintain financial security continuously throughout the period of registration.” (KSA 2010 Supp. 40-3118) [1].

    An auto accident can range from stressful and inconvenient, to devastating. That is why Kansas Law requires all owners and drivers of registered vehicles to be insured. If a driver is found not insured he or she can face fines, jail time, and loss or suspension of his or her driving license. Sadly, despite the serious consequences, some drivers continue to drive without protection and coverage for themselves, or for others.

    No-Fault Laws

    Because not everyone is insured, Kansas has taken a preemptive step by requiring drivers to carry a policy that has uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage with a minimum requirement of:

    • $25,000 per person
    • $50,000 per accident

    In the event that you are injured from an uninsured motorist and it exceeds your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and the at fault driver’s policy limits then your uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage will be able to cover addition costs. Even though your insurance is supposed to cover you, sometimes it can be difficult to get the coverage you need.

    Dealing with insurance


    Though it is difficult to sue your own insurance company, in the event that they do not want to cover you adequately, you can use a personal injury lawyer to help navigate and negotiate with your insurance to get the best outcome for your auto accident injuries. An experienced personal injury lawyer will no how to cut through the red tape and get you the results you need.

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    Attorneys Larry Wall and Tina Huntington have been handling car accident cases for over forty years combined and are ready and willing to help you navigate the process and obtain the compensation you deserve. If you or a loved one have been injured in a car wreck, contact us for a free consultation at 316-265-6000.  We’re here to help!