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    Proper Car Seat Installment

    A Story of First Time Parents

    Bill and Margo were excited to be first time parents. Their soon-to-be-born son, Adam, was expected any day and the happy parents had been busy planning and preparing for months. The baby’s room was well-furnished, stocked full and ready for it’s new tenant. All the your-first-born books had been read, every mommy-to-be podcast had been listened to, and the new parents were ready for their first week…or month…of sleepless nights. The parents-to-be couldn’t have felt more prepared.

    A Kink in the Chain

    All felt well until two days before delivery date, when Bill – upon Margo’s insist – headed out to the car to install baby Adam’s first car seat. What Bill thought was going to take 10 minutes, max, ended in a disgruntled, discouraged husband returning to the house, car seat in hand, heading to the laptop to Google how to install a dang car seat. For Bill and Margo, their son’s safety was a top priority, as it would be – and should be – for any parent, especially a first timer. 

    Car Seat Confusions 

    While any parent can connect with the frustration of baby equipment discouragements, it doesn’t change the fact that safety is a constant concern for a parent. Never does one want to feel as if his child’s safety is left up to chance or “best case scenarios.” So, with that in mind, how does one ensure proper installation techniques, especially when it comes to a baby’s car seat?

    Manufacturer’s Responsibility 

    It is the responsibility of the manufacturer of any consumer product to provide instructions – if necessary – for the assembly or installation of their merchandise. If you fail to see instructions included with the purchase made, return the product or contact the manufacturer for instructions – which may be available online. Finally, if you feel the instructions or the product did not adequately protect your child during an event such as an accident, contact an attorney immediately. The manufacturer may be liable for damages.

    The Right Lawyers at the Right Time

    When you or a loved one has been seriously injured by medical negligence, a defective product, or in a car accident in Kansas, you need to see a personal injury lawyer with experience and track record to make certain you get what you deserve. Contact the attorneys at Wall Huntington Law Firm for help at (316) 265-6000. All consultations are free.