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    Passengers in Car Wrecks

     Passengers Have Legal Rights

    If you are a passenger in a car involved in a wreck and you are hurt you have legal rights. You can make a claim for any injuries you sustained, even if the driver of the car you were riding in was found at fault for the accident. We understand that some people may be reluctant to pursue a claim if the driver is a relative or friend.  Fortunately, most case such as this are settled by making a claim with the drivers insurance company without the need for litigation. We can help you maintain your relationship and obtain justice.

    More than One Insurance Policy May Apply

    First, you might be eligible for medical payments coverage through your own car insurance policy, or the policy of the car you were riding in. This kind of coverage can help you promptly pay your bills. Navigating the different policies that may provide coverage for your personal injuries and damages can be a tedious process.

    Attorneys Larry Wall and Tina Huntington have been handling car accident cases for over forty years combined and are ready and willing to help you navigate the process and obtain the compensation you deserve. If you or a loved one have been injured in a car wreck, contact the us for a free consultation at (316) 265-6000.  We’re here to help!