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    Defective Airbag Liability

    My Airbag Deployed While Driving Down Our Street And Caused A Major Accident. Am I Liable, Or Is The Manufacturer Liable?

    Statistics have proven that airbags save countless lives every year. But airbags, especially side airbags, have also caused severe injuries. Vehicles that have side impact airbags or side curtain airbags have been shown to be unsafe and a number of vehicles with side airbags have been recalled. Unexpected airbag deployment (opening), causing accidents and injuries to drivers or passengers, have led to defective airbag lawsuits.

    Airbag Failure 

    An integral part of a car’s crashworthiness is airbag safety. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that airbags save thousands of lives every year. However, airbags that fail to deploy or do not open in an accident (and sometimes open without cause) also cause serious injuries, and are sometimes fatal. Because airbags are designed for the average man, many women, children, and the elderly are at risk.

    A study from 2007 found that for drivers taller than 6’3”, airbags were associated with a 5 percent greater risk of serious injuries and drivers that are shorter than 4’11”, air bags were associated with a 4 percent increase in the risk of injuries.

    Airbag Injuries 

    A significant number of airbag injuries result in trauma to the eyes, neck, head, and brain, as well as the spine and torso. There are three common ways that an airbag can cause an injury:

    1. The manufacturer fails to install the airbags in the vehicle
    2. The airbags fail to deploy (open)
    3. The airbags deploy in a low-impact crash and cause death or injury

    The third category is the most common and constitutes the majority of airbag liability lawsuits. These involve claims that the airbag was either incorrectly installed, the manufacturer neglected to include proper safety instructions, or the airbag was defective.

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