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    Big Rig Catastrophic Accidents: It Takes Just One Tire Defect

    Sharing the road with big trucks can be dangerous. While many semi truck drivers work hard to keep their rigs under control, it takes just a little error to cause devastating, catastrophic accidents. One tire issue can send a big rig into other lanes and the cars that may share those lanes. Here are some of the most common issues regarding big rigs and tire problems.

    Lack of Maintenance

    Not only are there possibly 18 tires on a big rig that need to be inspected for tread depth, but they also need to be checked for damage. Not only do the actual tires need to be checked, but there is also the wheels (axles), wheel bearings, a ton of lug nuts, and other mechanical parts that can break and cause the tire to blow out or the wheel to come off. Either of those situations can cause the driver to lose control and that means – when fully loaded – that upwards of 80,000 pounds can hit your car. That’s a lot of weight and that weight can cause catastrophic injuries or death to vehicle passengers.

    Mismatched Tires

    There are 18 wheels on an 18-wheeler and finding the exact tire brand and product can be difficult. A mismatched tire, even one that is the same brand, but a different product can cause the big rig to drive differently and make it harder for the driver to control. In addition, modern trucks, like those that have technology on board, such as anti-lock brakes may not function in the same way they would if all the tires were the same. Those issues can lead to serious injuries due to an accident caused by a big rig, especially during hard braking where the mismatched tire can drag the truck to one side or the other.

    Worn Tires

    Tire wear is an inevitable result of driving a truck on the roads. Tires are expensive and more so for big rigs, but worn tires are dangerous. It takes just one faulty tire to negatively change the lives of many people. When a big rig tire blows, and they do, the results can be insanely destructive.

    There are over 3,800 commercial truck accident events every year in Kansas. They lead to nearly 90 fatalities and countless injuries, including catastrophic injuries. The medical cost of a catastrophic injury can easily become millions of dollars and the ongoing care that someone needs following a big rig accident can be extensive. Catastrophic injuries include those that have a major or life-changing impact on a person’s life. The loss of limbs, paralysis, brain injuries, and even loss of life are some examples of catastrophic injuries. These are all personal injuries under Kansas laws.

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    Defective truck tires cause blowouts and catastrophic injuries. The blowouts occur before the tire is worn out. Sometimes the blowouts occur shortly after the tire is placed in service.

    Tires are a critical point of contact between the vehicle and the road. Tires are critical to safe driving. Defective tires are often the cause of serious injuries and deaths. 

    If you have been involved in an accident in Wichita, KS, Larry Wall has the experience and expertise to help you. Larry Wall recently recovered substantial sums for a victim in a collision between a bus and a truck. Larry Wall is currently involved in helping two victims hurt by defective tires. If you were injured because of a defective tire call Larry Wall for a free case analysis.