September 2015 | Larry Larry Wall Trial Law

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    A little courtroom humor

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    Defective Airbag Liability

    My Airbag Deployed While Driving Down Our Street And Caused A Major Accident. Am I Liable, Or Is The Manufacturer Liable?Statistics have proven that airbags save countless lives every year. But airbags, especially side airbags, have also caused severe injuries. Vehicles that have side impact airbags or side curtain airbags have been shown to be Read More

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    Have You Adopted a Safe Driving Policy?

    Safe Driving Practices Saves LivesEarlier this year, we talked to our readers about adopting a safe driving policy. For those of you who have not signed on, we highly encourage you to do so. We are once again asking all our friends to join us in adopting the attached “Safe Driving Policy“. We also encourage Read More

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